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San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine
Women’s Total Health Program

Our program encompasses hormonal, nutritional, emotional, and physical aspects of health.

Women need not suffer the symptoms of menopause any more. Safe and natural treatment is available.

Bioidentical Hormones-

  • Estrogen-helpful for emotional well being, bone, brain and cardiac health.

  • Progesterone-good for insomnia, mood swings and breast health

  • Testosterone-helps increase libido, increases lean body mass, bone density and sense of wellness.


  • Women’s Multi 30-multiple vitamin and herbs specific for women.

  • Detox- improves liver function for better use of hormones.

  • Osteoguard- calcium hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium which is better absorbed than other forms.

  • Strontium-increases bone density.

  • Vitamin D-for bone health, breast health, and cardiac health.

Daily meditation-excellent for emotional and mental well being.

Daily exercise-maintain good physical health with 20-30 minutes of light exercise daily.