We have seen many changes in the health insurance world lately, and most dramatic has been the large increase premiums and deductibles. We recognize that healthcare has become a large part of most family’s expenses now, and that some have either very large deductibles or no insurance at all.

At San Diego Center for Integrative Family Medicine we are committed to trying to help you deal with health issues in a reasonable manner. While we do accept many insurance plans, we also see patients on a self-payment basis as well. We accept debit or credit cards, checks, or even cash payments.

Our rates are very competitive, and we do our best to keep overall healthcare costs reasonable as well. For example, we have access to low-cost, cash lab work and imaging services.

At San Diego Center for Family and Integrative Medicine, we offer the following cash payment options:

Initial New Patient Consultation- $250

 Routine office visits- $95

Extended office visit- $150

Sandra (Behavioral Therapy):

New patient and Follow up $120

Lisa Marie (Clinical Nutrition and Ideal Protein) :

New patient and Follow up $75