Sandra Nunez DBH, LMFT

People seek psychotherapy for various reasons including feeling stressed, difficulties adjusting to life challenges e.g. loss of a loved one, divorce etc., depression, anger, anxiety, difficulties coping with chronic pain and chronic diseases. I am here to help to uncover sources of distress and provide tools to build a strong foundation. I have received extensive clinical training through Counseling and Behavioral Specialists specializing in working with trauma victims, through San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care working with grief and loss, New Alternative working with emotionally challenging youth and have worked in private group practice at The Psychiatric Centers at San Diego treating patients with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, grief and loss, PTSD, OCD, emotional overeating, mild bulimia, childhood and teen issues, divorce care and more.

I have received training in mindfulness, solution focus and motivational interviewing techniques during my studies at Arizona State University receiving a degree in Behavioral Health Consultation. I have worked as a psychotherapist in San Diego for 7 years. I am bicultural American/German and am fluent in German. I enjoy helping patients fulfilling their utmost potential by utilizing a client-centered and humanistic approach as well as utilizing cognitive behavioral psychotherapy modalities.


  • Doctor of Behavioral Health, Arizona State University
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Argosy University
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Chapman University

Licenses and Credentials:

  • Marriage and Family Therapy License MFT 84299


  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy