Inflammation Is a Sign of Underlying Problems- Stop Treating The Symptom

Does inflammation get a "bad rap"? Inflammation is the body's response to various illnesses or injuries and is an attempt to heal. The key is diagnosing exactly what the underlying cause of the inflammation is, and treat that cause. What's worse is that often the traditional approach is simply to mask the inflammation with anti-inflammatory [...]

Our Integrative Medicine Approach and New Motto

We have always approached preventative health and promoting life-long wellness from an integrative medical model. Employing the best of traditional and natural medicine, as well as clinical nutrition and behavioral therapy to empower you to live a long, energetic life. Now, our motto is a perfect match for our philosophy: "Your Health Is Determined By [...]

Patient Testimonial for Ideal Protein Weight Loss-Luis

Ok, so you've heard us talking about how great Ideal Protein weight loss is, right? This time, hear it directly from one of our amazing patients, Luis! If you don't believe that Ideal Protein weight loss is changing lives, you need to watch this

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Isn’t Just A Diet

A growing problem in our culture in the U.S. is obesity and the contribution to diabetes or pre-diabetes. This is one area where all diets are definitely not the same. One of the reasons that the Ideal Protein weight loss is so effective is that it not only causes predictable weight loss, but more importantly [...]