Sandra Nunez holds a doctorate in Behavioral Health with the emphasis of providing therapy services within an integrative care setting, and is also licensed Marriage, Family and Child psychotherapist.

She works with people experiencing anxiety, depression, panic symptoms, depression, insomnia, traumatic experiences etc., and utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapy approach or CBT.

CBT is based on the idea that our cognition directly influences our feelings and our behavior and vice versa. To alleviate symptoms and promote positive behavior change, CBT will help with refuting negative thinking patterns and decreasing negative emotions. CBT engages individuals in therapy by helping them to understand the relationship between their thoughts and their behaviors. People will learn to recognize cognitive distortions and refute such by replacing them with rational thoughts instead. For example, people who experience anxiety often catastrophize events, overemphasize the negative and minimize the positive.

CBT is considered an evidenced based practice for treating depression, reducing anxiety, eating disorders, OCD and many others. CBT is also beneficial for people who experience chronic stress, and or chronic pain.

An example of how CBT works for anxiety. People will learn how to recognize triggers to anxiety, physiological reactions to anxiety, clients will learn ways to calm themselves, refute negative thinking patterns and increase positive thinking.

Here at the San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine we utilize a team approach treating the entire patient rather than just symptoms, to pursuing overall health and wellness.

“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Health”