Could You Benefit From a Metabolic Reset?

The Metabolic Reset protocol is both simple and effective for achieving sustained weight loss and addressing metabolic conditions such as blood sugar issues, insulin resistance, and more! And, there is no need to spend your valuable time counting calories, points, macronutrients, etc. – simply follow the eating schedule and food plan. The Metabolic Reset program is also flexible and tailored to your personal needs.

By simply following this protocol, you will not only burn fat and experience better health, you will also learn good eating habits that will help you maintain your weight and new-found health lifelong! In designing it, we carefully evaluated the metabolic barriers to stubborn weight loss and the reasons why so many weight loss programs fail to maintain weight post-weight loss.

Why Other Diet Programs Fail Long-term

For starters, most diet programs are focused on the short-term goal of achieving the desired weight loss and not on teaching dieters how to eat in a healthful fashion post-diet to maintain weight loss and health. This often leads to yo-yo dieting which can be detrimental to your body composition (ratio of body fat to lean mass). A body fat percentage higher than 30% for women and higher than 25% for men is a risk for metabolic conditions. The reason yo-yo dieting contributes to metabolic issues is because when we burn fat, we by default also burn some muscle (more with some programs than others). So, when we regain weight, we are regaining fat only. Note that muscle is like an “engine” that is constantly burning fuel (calories). Each time we yo-yo, we lose valuable muscle thus reducing our ability to burn calories. Yo-yo dieting often makes us fatter.

Secondly, calorie restriction is not sustainable. And even if you had the willpower to maintain the restricted caloric intake as a lifestyle, your energy output would be lower, and you would eventually regain weight. Why? Because the human body is homeostatic – it maintains balance like a thermostat. In the case of caloric restriction, your body would reduce its basal metabolic rate to conserve energy and get back to its set weight point.

Thirdly, most diet programs don’t consider biological individuality. A cookie cutter approach will fall short of promoting optimal weight loss or health in many individuals. We all have different ancestral backgrounds, genetic predisposition, health profiles, etc., thus there is no one-size-fits-all diet or approach. 

And finally, most diet programs don’t address a root issue, hormonal imbalance, which is often the culprit!

Why the Metabolic Reset Protocol Works

Metabolic Reset is dedicated to achieving sustained weight loss and good health, not just to reaching a short-term weight loss goal. The protocol is designed to teach healthy eating habits that can be incorporated into your lifestyle long-term. The guidance and support provided by your Metabolic Reset coach is always in your best interest. They understand biological individuality and tailor your personalized plan to suit your lifestyle needs. And once your goal is achieved, you are not just congratulated and sent on your way. Your Coach will continue to provide regular guidance and support post-weight loss for a period of three months to ensure your new weight and health are maintained. You will also understand the root issue of most weight loss challenges, hormonal imbalance.

This unique program addresses hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain, stubborn weight loss, and metabolic conditions (commonly diagnosed metabolic conditions are pre-diabetes/diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity). It assists with “adjusting your thermostat”, your set weight point.

Optimizing your overall hormonal balance will help you function more like a ‘fine oiled machine” – including but not limited to more energy and vitality, sound sleep, and a healthy body weight. However, in order to effectively address stubborn weight loss and metabolic syndrome conditions, we must look to these three hormones: Insulin, cortisol, and leptin. The Metabolic Reset protocol is designed to address these root causes, primarily insulin.

It is personalized to address these hormonal imbalances via a combination of intermittent fasting (or time-restricted eating), low glycemic food plan, and clinical grade supplements that help address each individual dieter’s metabolic needs. In addition, you will be counseled about other lifestyle practices that support hormonal balance and weight loss.

Getting Started

Step 1: Contact our front desk to schedule your free 20-minute consult with Lisa Marie, our in-house nutritionist to learn more. We can be reached at (619) 670-8028.

Step 2: (If you’re an existing patient, go to Step 3.) If you’re a new patient, schedule a screening and clearance                     appointment with Dr. Joseph Aiello. Metabolic Reset is medically designed and requires clearance by our in-house physician.

Step 3: Schedule your initial 1-hour consultation with your Metabolic Reset coach (nutritionist) to get started. You will be educated on the basic mechanics of caloric energy utilization and fat storage, sources of fuel, fat burning, and the role of the hormones insulin, cortisol, and leptin in stubborn weight loss and metabolic health. You will be weighed, measured, and provided with your body composition analysis (includes body fat percentage and hydration index). And, walk out with your personalized Metabolic Reset schedule and eating plan.

Step 4: Schedule your weekly (or bi-weekly) recurring, 15-minute weigh-in counseling sessions.