Treating Excess Stress and Weight Gain Naturally

  Our "new normal" environment during COVID-19 has caused weight gain for many of us. This is due not only to becoming less physically active but also to excessive stress levels which cause increased production of cortisol and stress hormones. Research has shown connections between elevated cortisol levels and weight gain and metabolic issues. At [...]

Hormones in Women and Helping Symptoms of Menopause

Hormone imbalances in women can produce significant symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, and irritability all of which are associated with menopause. Unfortunately, common treatments often involve medications to suppress symptoms, but do little to address the underlying cause. Natural hormone balancing or replacement via bioidentical hormones can alleviate causes without harmful side [...]

Impact of Stress on Testosterone in Men (And How To Treat It)

Poorly managed stress and other lifestyle factors can significantly alter our hormone function including low testosterone in men. Effective treatment includes nutrition and supplementation, as well as addressing the stress and poor lifestyle habits. #StressReduction #StressManagement #LowTestosterone #LowT #BioIdenticalHormones #HolisticHealth #MentalHealth

Reducing Stress and Cortisol Levels to Help Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy weight, but don't know the connection between stress, cortisol, and weight gain. Learn how the chemical cortisol effects metabolism and fat storage. #StressReduction #StressRelief #WeightLoss #Cortisol #StressHormones

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