Interview Why Integrative Medicine is Critical to Optimal Wellness

Integrative medicine truly puts the patient first by treating people rather than symptom management. Watch this interview with Dr Joseph Aiello, Medical Director of San Diego Center for Integrative Family Medicine on why integrative approach is their philosophy. #IntegrativeMedicine #HolisticHealth #NaturalMedicine #AlternativeMedicine

Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis Pain We have successfully used regenerative medicine to heal damaged joints for years but now are excited to take it to the next level. We now combine stem cell therapy with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to help even advanced osteoarthritis pain. Get your free "Stem Cell Therapy Resource Guide" and informational videos today

Inflammation Is a Sign of Underlying Problems- Stop Treating The Symptom

Does inflammation get a "bad rap"? Inflammation is the body's response to various illnesses or injuries and is an attempt to heal. The key is diagnosing exactly what the underlying cause of the inflammation is, and treat that cause. What's worse is that often the traditional approach is simply to mask the inflammation with anti-inflammatory [...]

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