Why The 3 Pillars Of Health Are More Important Than Ever Now

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_aiOxHC6I At San Diego Center for Integrative Family Medicine, our motto is "Your Health is Determined by How You Eat, Think, and Move". In our current "stay at home" situation, this has never been more critical. #MindBody #MentalHealth #OptimalHealth #IntegrativeMedicine

Our Body’s Natural Pharmacy and How We Can Help

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8kk8W3kMUc You maybe never thought of it this way but our body essentially has its own pharmacy. It is capable of producing chemicals and hormones needed to repair itself, maintain health and vitality. But this process only works if we do our parts to help by doing healthy activities like exercise, good nutrition [...]

Naturally Protecting Your Immune System to Avoid Flu and Illness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J8ffeXb448 With all of the viruses and illnesses featured in the news lately, we shouldn't assume that being exposed means that we will get sick. Bolstering your immune system naturally can protect us and just takes some common sense steps. #ImmuneSystem #Illness #AvoidingFlu #PreventativeMedicine

Impact of Stress on Testosterone in Men (And How To Treat It)

Poorly managed stress and other lifestyle factors can significantly alter our hormone function including low testosterone in men. Effective treatment includes nutrition and supplementation, as well as addressing the stress and poor lifestyle habits. #StressReduction #StressManagement #LowTestosterone #LowT #BioIdenticalHormones #HolisticHealth #MentalHealth

Mental Attitude and Well Being Must Be Part of Any Healthcare Program

Our philosophy has always been that addressing mental and psychological issues must be part of a comprehensive wellness program. Simply prescribing medications or treating physical symptoms is rarely effective. #MindBody #MentalHealth #IntegrativeMedicine #AlternativeMedicine

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