Our Body’s Natural Pharmacy and How We Can Help

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8kk8W3kMUc You maybe never thought of it this way but our body essentially has its own pharmacy. It is capable of producing chemicals and hormones needed to repair itself, maintain health and vitality. But this process only works if we do our parts to help by doing healthy activities like exercise, good nutrition [...]

Treating Excess Stress and Weight Gain Naturally

  Our "new normal" environment during COVID-19 has caused weight gain for many of us. This is due not only to becoming less physically active but also to excessive stress levels which cause increased production of cortisol and stress hormones. Research has shown connections between elevated cortisol levels and weight gain and metabolic issues. At [...]

New Medical Weight Loss Program- Metabolic Reset

Our new clinical nutrition and medical weight loss program for 2020 is the “Metabolic Reset” program. Unlike many other “diets”, this program is led by our clinical nutritionist Lisa Marie, and is both customized to the individual needs as well as being sustainable. What that means is that your weight loss won’t disappear when you [...]

Do You Know What Supplement Creep Is and Do You Suffer From It?

Do you know what "supplement creep" is and do you suffer from it? This is the phenomenon of continually adding new supplements to your regimen (without much guidance), all in effort to feel better. Our staff clinical nutritionist can help customize your nutritional regimen so this doesn't happen.

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