Womens-Health-300x300About San Diego Center for Integrative Family Medicine

Integrating Traditional and Natural Medicine™

We have been practicing integrative medicine since 2007 by combining the best of traditional medicine and natural and alternative healing therapies and have helped patients achieve lifelong, optimal wellness. The predominant philosophy of the San Diego Center for Integrative Family Medicine is to help patients treat the root causes of their issues not simply the symptoms. Natural, holistic, and nutritional medical treatments take precedence over traditional medications whenever possible; we also help our patients maintain healthy hormone levels via hormone testing and natural hormone supplementation rather than synthetic versions. We feature regenerative joint therapy for chronic pain using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell injections as well as physical therapy modalities. Additionally, we offer medical weight loss programs using customized clinical nutrition and the Ideal Protein weight loss system.


The Seven Foundations of Health

These are the basic foundations of health that are critical to achieve and maintain optimal health

  1. Eating well– our clinical nutrition program can help develop an individualized program
  2. Eliminating well– Regular bowel movements are important
  3. Sleeping well– 8 hours of restful sleep is important for repair and recuperation.
  4. Staying hydrated– Drinking 1/2 gallon of water daily is critical for cell metabolism and detoxification
  5. Regular exercise– Keeps systems moving. Only needs to be 20-30 min. of walking at a minimum
  6. Regular exposure to sunshine– Sunlight provides all aspects physical and mental health, plus raising Vitamin D levels
  7. Reducing or managing stress– Meditation, exercise, yoga, prayer all help to deal with stress. Given our stressful environments, this is critical for balancing mind, body, and spirit.