Regenerative Medicine With Platelet Rich Plasma For Low Back Pain

Regenerative medicine with Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP injections can be very effective for lower back pain, even post spinal fusion surgery. PRP therapy bolsters the body's own healing process without drugs or surgery. #PlateletRichPlasma #PRPInjections #RegenerativeMedicine #BackPainTreatment

Why Preventative Medicine Is Different From Early Detection

Everyone touts preventative medicine as the best approach to wellness but traditional medicine's view of "preventative" is often just early detection of cancer or other illness. True preventative medicine seeks to optimize health, not just eliminate disease

New Name, Same Great Service at San Diego Center for Family and Integrative Medicine

Our name has changed but our integrative medical philosophy remains the same. As one of our foundations is providing great family medicine, we felt it appropriate that our name reflects that so we are now known as San Diego Center for Family and Integrative Medicine

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